Who is going to execute the actual work - do all of the strategic and tactical things to make your business grow fast?

We hit the ground running. We bring in interim leadership with deep management expertise to do the work you need to get done. Whether it's making sales, developing new products, realigning your IT environment, setting marketing strategy and tactics - we roll up our sleeves and help you get it done.

Our team starts by listening and asking questions.  Our goal is to get at your strengths and identify the obstacles you are up against.  This is not just an exercise; we work to create businesses with sustainable competitive advantages and high barriers to competitive entry.  We have seen many different businesses in a variety of industries.  We get it.

We then distill your vision into a coherent strategy.  In most cases, we are then asked to prepare the actual plan for the business and to develop and execute the tactics to make the business successful.  Sometimes we come up with something completely new which revitalizes the entire company.