DMC Affiliates

Charitable Causes
DMC recognizes that companies that do good, do well. DMC sponsors and is involved with a variety of community organizations.  DMC supports and encourages its employees to play meaningful roles in the community.

Professional Associations
Doublet Management Consulting staff members are involved in a number of professional associations, including:

APEGGA: The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta

The Integration Consortium is dedicated to the quest for measurable business value by globally bringing together industry knowledge through experience and interaction, by providing a venue to develop, create and debate.

Groundswell Revolution Group of Companies Corp. is a progressive enterprise integration solutions provider & educator. In conjunction with leading integration software providers, Groundswell integrates applications and automates mission-critical business processes within and across the extended enterprise, reducing time to market, shortening lead times, lowering operating costs, and increasing customer satisfaction.

As Agreed Solutions helps you increase profits, impress your banker and attract investors by developing clear, comprehensive business plans. Such plans are essential to secure capital and manage your company. Let us help you develop a winning plan.

We engage people and organizations in conversations more expansive than the ones they've been having around their water cooler, board room or dinner table. Conversations that connect people to a world of possibility , bringing meaning to what they do and why they're doing it. Conversations that lead to decisive action .

Sales UP services include custom sales training, sales process analysis, redesign and implementation, sales coaching, outsourced sales management and sales intelligence services .

Cathexis Innovations Inc. is a technology company that empowers your organization to rapidly integrate RFID technology into your software or hardware products and more importantly into your business process. Leveraging the power of our proprietary RFID Engine™ , Cathexis can reduce the time, cost and complexity of implementing RFID technologies by as much as 75% . The RFID Engine™ is also designed to use RFID in conjunction with other AIDC technologies (UID, Barcodes, Smart Buttons, etc) .